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(ISC)² Resources
As a global leader in the information security field, (ISC)² offers valuable resources to professionals, organizations and the public to educate and promote security awareness around the world. Below are some of the many resources available:

(ISC)² Career Tools

For employers looking for candidates with the knowledge and skill levels of an (ISC)² credentialed expert, (ISC)² Career Tools provides the ability to match the information security needs of your company or organization with qualified information security professionals. Only certified (ISC)² credential holders have posted their resumes for consideration.

(ISC)² InfoSecurity Professional Magazine – (ISC)² Members Only

InfoSecurity Professional Magazine is (ISC)²’s member-exclusive digital publication. Produced on a quarterly basis, the magazine provides compelling, timely content from industry writers, as well as (ISC)² members.

(ISC)² Journal – Discount for (ISC)² Members

Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective, the official journal of (ISC)², provides essential information for managing the security of a modern, evolving enterprise. Each article is topical and a must-have for serious information security professionals. A free sample article is available online.

(ISC)² Safe and Secure Online

(ISC)² members wanted a way to educate the most vulnerable members of society – children. The Safe and Secure Online (SSO) program was introduced in 2006 in conjunction with Childnet International, and brings (ISC)²’s information security expert members into classrooms to help children ages 7-14 learn how to protect themselves online and become responsible digital citizens.